About the City


The City helps everyone in our church stay engaged in daily life and ministry.  It’s a group-oriented social network that’s all about helping our church build deeper community and extend the love Christ.

It’s like Facebook, but not really.  Using powerful communication tools and email integration, the City allows people to stay connected to one another as well as enable individuals to build real relationships and engage in ministry and mission 24/7.  Not only does the City encourage and enable connections, it also offers personal growth tools, prayer tools and more.  Plus, it works with mobile devices. (Click here to find out how it’s so much better than Facebook)

Who Uses the City?

The City is for every member, regular attender, first-time guest, deployed military, pastoral staff, leader, ministry team, and Care Groups at JCC – yes, EVERYONE!  The City offers tools for individual spiritual growth, personal connections, community life, small group support, ministry teams, leadership community and more!  Basically, for every group and every relationship – the City provides support.


I’m new.  Should I use the City?

Absolutely! In fact, the City is the perfect place for you to begin connecting to our community.  On the City you can meet people, browse small groups, look at ministry opportunities and even interact with church leaders.

How do I join the City?

The City is open to anyone to join.  It’s free and simple to set up your account.  If you are ready to join the City, you can do it now and be inside looking around in the next few minutes.

  • Click the link below, which will take you to the sign-up form
  • Fill out your name (It’s best to use your real name here)
  • Fill out email information.  Phone number is optional. 
  • Click “Only Send Invitation” if you don’t want any assistance setting up your account and getting connected
  • Click “Help Me Get Connected” if you would like one of our volunteers help you get set up and connected
  • Check your email for an invite from “Jamestown Church of Christ on the City” to start your account
  • Click the link in that email to get started setting up your account


Watch the City Tutorial Videos to get started!            

Want to know more about the City?                                                          

Find out more about what the city can do at: onthecity.org

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